Chapter 1

After riding upon your horse for nearly an hour you find already your body has grown weary, your joints are throbbing, your bones are rattled. This unforgiving countryside. Each hill comes to you like the crashing of a wave. The air is cool, clean and crisp, the sky cloudless, the sun radiant. After a few […]

The Circle

Joey Castigan, holding the wet, tightly wrapped body of a black umbrella with one hand and brandishing its curved, wooden handle with the other, shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other a few steps outside the circle. “Please,” said a younger man in reading glasses, extending the flat palm of his right hand to […]

Say goodbye to me / Steakhouse

Columbia’s Steakhouse. Flo, Kameo, JD, Morgan, Brian, Nathan, bartender Bobby(?), health inspector, the man who only speaks Spanish who does dishes whose name I forget, I forget what time I work today, I forget which tables are mine, I forget what my tables need, I forget to bring bread to every table, I forget what […]

Bellbottom School for Boys

Cows historically have a hard time descending stairwells, so Bobby Tompkins, Louis Frye and Kenny Yates snuck into Bobby’s dad’s cow barn, quietly walked Mayzie the brown cow outside and led her into Bobby’s dad’s trailer. “The engine on this truck is really loud,” Bobby whispered to the boys, “so we’re gonna have to push […]


Wendy Lessons is the type of person who everyone tells them they’re going to be great, do great things, that they’re just so interesting, such an interesting person just to even have around, just to look at from across the room, look at that guy over there, he’s really going ​be ​something, wow. It’s the […]


Betty Joe walked out the door of her daddy’s gas station and the sun shot down on her like a spotlight. The air was hot and still. She sat down on the step in front of the door and played with her hands and tapped her feet. The sun was on the side of the […]